Meet the Team



My Name is Paula, I am one of the founders and the Photographer of FurBabyandMe. I am the proud mama of two Yorkies Little Man and Mini, My heart and soul. Who have been here with us through this long journey.  They have been behind the scenes working hard as our sites Stars. Not only are they precious and stunning, they really enjoy all of the attention and the lights camera action.  Most likely because their rewards are lots of delicious treats and an overwhelming amount of kisses. I have always enjoyed shopping for all of my pets and dressing them morning, noon, and night. That's really where the interest in creating a luxury pet boutique came in, of course, my dedication to my creative pet photography business was a bonus. It is so hard to find quality pet wear nowadays, so with my ability to spot out one of a kind fabrics and my keen eye for fashion this was a no-brainer.  There is nothing more rewarding than photographing my babies in our adorable designer pet clothing pieces. Our business caters to those like me who enjoy dressing their pets in doggie designer clothing.  Now your pet can look like a celebrity dog for a fraction of the cost. We also offer designer harnesses and warm dog coats. Not just for small dogs but for large and extra large bundles of joy too. No Dog left behind!!